My most read authors - Part one

My most read authors

Hello, everyone! Today I'm going to share with you my Top 5 most read authors. But first of all, I'm now on Bloglovin' so for those of you who want to follow me via Bloglovin' now you can! :D (the link will be on the bottom of the page)


#1 - The first one may be a surprise. At least it was a surprise for me. I didn't imagine that I read so many books by Meg Cabot. But I read 16 of her books. Mainly the Princess Diaries Series but also her adult books. Which I liked a lot. But only during summer. Don't ask me why I'm a strange person and I know it.

#2 - Number 2 is our dear J.K. Rowling where I read all of her works. (I'm not talking about her works under her pseudonym R. Galbraith)

#3 - Next one is James Patterson. I thought that I read more books by him but according to Goodreads, I've only read 6 of his book.

#4 - Second, last most read author of this first part is a french one. Gilles Legardinier. With this author, you can't put his books down. It is impossible, they are hilarious, funny and sometimes even sad. And still, they are talking about real life issues. I simply love his works and I don't really like reading in French even though it is my father tongue. (Mother tongue is Luxembourgish).

#5 - Last but not least another French author and he is also one of my favourites. I'm talking about Franck Thilliez. I love his thrillers. They are so fascinating to read. And manageable to read in one sitting if you do not have a private life. I believe that most of his books have been translated into English so if you want to read amazing thrillers go check him out.

I know that this is a mini post but work is consuming all of my energy right now and my Amazon Haul still hasn't arrived (it should have arrived last Friday) therefore I couldn't upload my bookish birthday haul so I'm still waiting to do this post xD.

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All of the authors pictures come from goodreads.

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